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I'm an EcoBroker!

08 Dec 2019

Dear visitors, current customers, past and future, friends!

I am now an EcoBroker (english version of an ÉcoCourtière)

"What is this?"

In short, it means that I attended and passed a course that taught me:

🌱 the best practices in green housing;

🌱 the trends in this fast growing market and;

🌱 the opportunities offered to my clients (you!).

In more details, I have 2 confessions to make...

(1) First of all, if I decided to take this training, it was because it had been wonderfully promoted at the Via Capitale Congress (last September). Also, I desired the added value that this accreditation and this knowledge would bring me as a real estate broker.

(2) Well, I can admit to you more proudly that this training has made me aware more than extending my knowledge of real estate. The program - which, interestingly, is given mainly by my excellent Agency Director, the one and only Nathalie Clément! - led me to question myself... and to revise (improve) my personal habits!

The environment (sustainable development) is the business of each and every one of us. It's our power / duty to make a difference!

Did you know that...

Buildings consume 54% of the energy consumed in North America, not only by operating them, but also by extracting, manufacturing and transporting their building materials (EcoHabitation, 2009).

✅ Every gesture counts, in all spheres of our lives... 🙆🏻 personal, 👯 social and 👩🏻‍🏫 professional.

I'm proud to be EcoBroker/ÉcoCourtière and I can not wait for you to profit my knowledge!

Feel free to engage in conversation with me or ask me for advice. Remember that I am at your service and that your satisfaction is mine.


Via Capitale 🔹 is the official partner of the EcoCourtier training. 

You can learn more about https://www.ecohabitation.com/ 


Anne Denicourt-Fauvel

Residential Real Estate Broker

514 560-5657