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Making the right choice

27 Feb 2021

In life, it is important to think that you are taking the right decisions.

This is true for the little things (at the grocery store, at the movies), and for the big things (the spouse, the career, the expensive purchases). 

After all, a choice affects the outcome 👉🏼 satisfaction, safety, quality of life (comfort, well-being, health), pleasure, etc.

The principle of verification, interview or receipt of a quote applies to most contexts pre-signing a service contract.

I will tell you about what I know, what I do best: real estate brokerage.

As of today, there are more than 14,000 real estate brokers in Quebec; on the island of Montreal, at least 3,000.

Choices; buyers and sellers have them en masse!

Contextualization: You are convinced of the relevance and usefulness of working with a real estate broker and you are serious about selling or buying. You have one or a few real estate brokers in sight.

Four actions to take before signing a brokerage contract

1. Simple search: Google the full name of prospect realtor, visit their website if it exists, read about them. What impression do they give you? What are their credentials, their values?

2. Search for testimonials: on Google Business, Facebook, Via Capitale page if broker under this banner, etc. Question those around you, ask your social network.

To go further: Request the phone number and the broker's permission to speak with one or two previous clients.

3. Verification of the real estate broker's file at the OACIQ --> especially the section "Avis et mentions disciplinaires", but also "Formation continue". 

If everything is to your satisfaction so far:

4. Meet in person (or have a videocall if a buying process in times of covid). Listen to the service offer. Ask whatever questions you want to validate their expertise and clarify how they work, what more are they offering compared to other realtors? "Experience" the presence of that person and the chemistry.

Do this for 1 to 3 brokers and you will certainly have the right material to make the right choice of a real estate broker !

I did the first steps for me, if you are interested!

1. Google Anne Denicourt-Fauvel (you may or you may not find traces of ranking in math contests...🤷🏻‍♀️), Continue your visit on my website, I recommend reading the pages Choosing Anne and Training taken.

2. Testimonials on Google business, website, Facebook page et Via Capitale page. Names and contact details of previous clients can be provided upon request.

3. My file at the OACIQ (extract above)

4. Let's schedule a meeting together Message me here or call me at 📞  514-560-5657


Small print

The option of selling and buying by yourself is another topic. Let's talk about it whenever you'd like.


The acronym OACIQ stands for Organisme d'autorégulation du courtage immobilier du Québec (free translation Self-regulatory organization for real estate brokerage in Quebec)


Centris (Find a broker)

Additional material (in French)

Article from LaPresse+ À quoi reconnaît-on un bon courtier immobilier? (February 20, 2021)


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