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Time has come (part 1): Introduction

08 May 2020

The time has come for me to reflect back on the past few weeks.

After all, next Monday May 11, real estate brokers will be able to fully resume their professional activities *!

Two months ago, on May 9, 2020, I was leaving for a well-deserved week of vacation.

On May 16, I returned with relief to Montreal knowing that I would have to quarantine for 2 weeks.

A few days later, I learned that, in the end, all Quebecers (back from vacation or not) were going to experience confinement in order to prevent damage from the growing pandemic. Real estate brokerage not being recognized as an essential service in Quebec, it became very restricted to practice the profession, since traveling from one place to another and visits were banned.

In short, my vacation, which was to last a week, turned into a few weeks of work off and a few other weeks of lighter work.

Like everyone else, I took advantage of these weeks of confinement to cook (among other things, banana bread), start a physical training program online, sleep more, watch series / films  on different platforms; I took daily walks, listened to press points from Legault and Dr Arruda, drank wine more often, called / texted my friends and family to get news, alternated between laughter and emotion when reading / listening to what people around the world were sharing regarding the consequences / experiences / opinions of Covid-19....

The professional Anne, real estate broker, also participated in video calls every week (with the Via Capitale du Mont-Royal team), took part in online training, kept track of the Montreal real estate market, consulted the news daily to be up-to-date on the peculiarities of my practice in the era of Coronavirus... I gladly communicated with my clients, informed and reassured them, followed up on transactions that were in progress and, more recently, and on rare occasions, I have been able to make a few visits with the necessary health precautions.

Not that this is the end of general confinement, but we are getting to a next step for the real estate market next Monday. The "tap" opens and it means a more exciting / interesting and hopeful stage.

It seems appropriate to look into my profession and ask myself the following questions:

  1. What have I observed during this period of the past 2 months?
  2. How do I see the Montreal real estate market for the next few weeks and months?
  3. How do I intend to adapt in order to always better represent, advise and serve my clients?

I will publish my thoughts on these important issues in the coming days. Do not hesitate to start a conversation with me. My profession is my passion and my desire is improvement; so it's always a pleasure to listen to what you have to share, and vice versa.

Yours faithfully,



* Decree number 505-2020 of May 6, 2020 from the provincial government lifts the suspension that affected the constraints / limits of activity of real estate brokers.


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