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Recommended professionals

The profession of real estate broker can be compared to the bandmaster - bandmaster of buying or selling real estate.

As such, he frequently works with mortgage lenders, land surveyors, inspectors and notaries. Here are some professionals with whom Anne works regularly and recommends to her clients.

Mortgage Lenders

Via Capitale has a special relationship with the National Bank of Canada, the Bank of Montreal and Caisse Desjardins.

By being represented by Anne in the purchase of a property and by subscribing to a mortgage loan with one of the 2 following professionals, you benefit from free Via Mortgage Protection*.

(* some conditions apply. Contact Anne for more details.)

François Rochon, Mortgage Specialist at BMO

Sylvain Dyja, Mortgage Development Manager at BNC

Inspectors (anglophone)

Sotam  |  Charles Matos

Pro-Inspexx    |  Paul Duey            

Inspections Rodrigues   |   Joe or Michael Rodrigues          

Prevention CP   |  Denny Melo     


Dupuis Notaires   |  Laurence Dupuis                     

Maryse Paquin            

René Prince notary                

  • 3550 Rachel E, Montreal, QC H1W 1A7         
  • 13150 Sherbrooke E, Pointe-aux-Trembles, QC H1A 4B1
  • gestion@prince-notaire.com; 514-644-8238


Entretien Alliance  |  Michael Da Rocha 

Tests for real estate: pyrite, vermiculite, asbestos, soils and air



Anne Denicourt-Fauvel

Residential Real Estate Broker

514 560-5657