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Qualifications and recent trainings

Anne highly values education and training. Before becoming a residential real estate broker, she attended university and had the opportunity to travel to France where she completed a exchange study. Always looking for information, enrichment and improvement, Anne continues to receive regular training and attend conferences relevant to real estate and related areas.

For her, continuing education ensures to keep, moreover to increase, her level of expertise and to expand her knowledge, never losing sight of the high quality of service she provides to her clients.



- Recent law cases

- Building inspection, advice, clauses, duties and obligations of the broker

- Standard and unpublished clauses to the promise to purchase
JOËL CHARRON, Lawyer Certified Real Estate Broker DA
NANCY SAVARD, Certified Real Estate Broker DA

Conférence Élévation 2019
- Emotional intelligence in business, the art of negotiating in 2020 and overcoming the fear of change
FARES CHMAIT, Speaker and Executive Coach

Scenarios and discussion panel: the balance between life skills and know-how


MARC LACASSE, Real estate broker, RE/MAX 2000

DR GÉRARD OUIMET, Ph.D. (Psy.), Ph.D. (Sc.Pol.), OPQ, Psychologist

- Managing your reputation in the age of social media

STÉPHANIE KENNAN, Entrepreneur, Author and Professional Speaker

Training at VCMR Agency

- The importance of brokers' image: professionalisation, demarcation and targeted marketing

GUILLERMO DE JESUS, Partner / Business Sales Executive at Immosquare
- Role-play workshops

JULIE TRISTANT, Actress and entrepreneur

2019 Via Capitale Congress

- The rules and your significant role in condominium transactions

YVES JOLI-CŒUR, Lawyer specialized in the law of divided co-ownership

-Work-family balance: challenge met!

MÉLANIE TOUZIN, Founder of Savanah
- Quiz: Face to face UFC

JOËL CHARRON, Lawyer Certified Real Estate Broker DA

OACIQ Seminar

- Amendments to the Real Estate Brokerage Act

- Ethics and deontology

- Purchase brokerage contract

OACIQ trainers

Online training

- Hidden defects training
Me Daniel Caisse

- The DNA of the winners

Me Stéphane Pagé

- Real estate brokerage facing the future of divided co-ownership in Quebec

Me Yves Jolicoeur

The trainings in green are trainings certified by the OACIQ


Diploma of Attestation of Collegial Studies 

Residential Real Estate Brokerage

Collège Maisonneuve

Courses at the Master of Science level (MSc)


Université du Québec à Montréal

Diploma of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)


Université du Québec à Montréal 

Exchange study

One semester (4 courses) of the Bachelor program

Euromed Management (Marseille, France)


Anne Denicourt-Fauvel

Residential Real Estate Broker

514 560-5657