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Who is Anne

Originally from China and adopted during the first months of her life by a Quebecer family, Anne grew up on the South Shore of Montreal. Her family, school and social environment shaped Anne into an open-minded, sociable and caring person. All the people who have met her concur having witnessed a dynamic and particularly warm personality.

During her years of university, Anne earned a Bachelor of Science in Management with a concentration in Finance. She also completed all the courses of a Master's degree in Marketing. The knowledge and skills developed during her university studies were proven useful for her future professional activities. 

Her career began at Fair-Play Group, a Quebec television production company. (Les enfants de la télé, Révolution, Ça vaut le coût, Le rêve de Champlain). Surrounded by people passionate by their jobs, Anne felt privileged to work in the particular world of show business. Her training and professional tasks related to finance and legal affairs allowed her to showcase her ways of working. Her sense of organization was particularly useful.

Anne attended the residential real estate brokerage program while working full-time. As soon as she obtained her title of broker in residential real estate, Anne made her entry at Via Capitale du Mont-Royal, an agency chosen with care that matches her values of humanity and customer satisfaction. 

Since then, she has been unquestionably passionate about her job!


Anne Denicourt-Fauvel

Residential Real Estate Broker

514 560-5657